Mississauga Limousine Service

A quarter of the population living in Canada is concentrated in an area referred to as the Greater Toronto Area or the GTA which is found in the province of Ontario, Canada. Within its borders, you will find several towns and villages. Mississauga city was incorporated into this area in 1968. It boasts of 600,000 inhabitants and is the 6th largest population in the entire Canadian region. It has doubled in size which has made it one of the fastest growing Canadian cities. Originally, it was considered to be a suburb of the GTA but it outgrew that notion as time went on. This is because the city of Mississauga has its own financial, corporate and industrial identity. Outsiders or foreigners who happen to visit the GTA identify it as the home of the Lester B Pearson International Airport which is the busiest Airport in this North American country. An estimated 30 million plus passengers go through this airport which has made it a viable place for the thriving Mississauga limousine business.

Mississauga in Ontario is also serviced by five large freeways and is also home to the largest shopping mall in the GTA, the Square one shopping centre. The Lester B Pearson airport has contributed a lot to the limousine business by offering a hub for limousine in Mississauga as well as taxicabs. Mississauga limousine boasts of some 270 plus vehicles which provide a luxurious and comfortable service to the disembarking passengers as well as those flying off. The limos have permits to pick up passengers and fares arriving at the Pearson airport. There are a number of the same limos that do not require the permit to convey their passengers to and from the airport.

Before the 1600s, the area that is now Mississauga was inhabited by Algonquin Mississaugas and the Iroquois. The Mississaugas later drove out the Iroquois at around the 1700s before the area was named York which is the present day Toronto. The history of the Lester B Pearson International airport which is the hub for the Mississauga limo can be traced all the way back to 1937 when it was known as the Malton airport. These vehicles provide the ultimate in convenience and security. They are manned by highly trained chauffeurs who are also trained tour guides. They will gladly take you to all the city’s attraction points as well as recommend the best hotels in town. Mississauga limousine can also be booked in advance through the internet or through a call where you get to place a reservation.