Hummer Limo Services

The Hummer is also known as the Humvee. It symbolizes the very essence of American manufacturing prowess. The car is an iconic machine and a status symbol all over the world. It was originally designed to be used by the United States Military but was quickly adopted by the civilian population. The Hummer has also been received well in Canada particularly due to its spacious interiors as well as its ability to navigate through all kinds of terrain. In the province of Ontario, Canada, it has become one of the most favorite vehicles for transition into a limousine. The Hummer limo service has been gaining widespread popularity in recent years. Actually, stretch hummer limos are made from the Hummer H2 which is the all time popular Hummer variant.

There are some restrictions that regulate the lengthening of the limo Hummer Toronto to more than twice its length. Stretch hummer is about double the length of the original H2 Hummer. They come with an extra long wheel base. The Hummer limo service in Toronto also has some vehicles based on the current model of the hummer- the Hummer H3. H1 which was the original Hummer model is not a favorite of these limo companies. If anything, it is converted only in rare circumstances or as a sign of novelty. One thing that has made the hummer popular to the extent of having companies in Ontario launching a hummer limo service is its distinctive style. These vehicles when properly stretched can accommodate 10 to 15 people and take them wherever they wish in utmost style and comfort.

Hummer limo service has heavier vehicles which will guarantee you of a more stable ride as compared to other limousines made from other vehicles. Their interiors can accommodate a lot more customizations as compared to other vehicles out there. Hummer limo Toronto service will guarantee you a lot of space for frolicking and having fun. Other limos that are made from lesser vehicles will not have as much space. Some of the more notable customizations include a fully stocked mini bar. Some go to the extent of having a fully operational bar counter complete with neon lights and running water flowing into sinks. Other features offered by Toronto limo service providers include satellite radio, game consoles, state of the art sound system and flat screen TVs. The chauffeurs driving the limos are also highly trained, polite and very courteous. They will ensure you reach your destination on time and in total comfort.